Eco Bee Garden 30 March 2019 Event #20

The next Nutrinest Eco Bee garden tour is scheduled on 30 March 2019.

I have split the Bee garden workshop into Bee Garden Tour and Honey appreciation workshop. Below is the detail of the events.
Kid 10 and above is considered an adult.

Bee Garden Tour is from 9 am till 10.20am. Below are the activities:
08.50-9.00 Arrival of participants
9.00-9.10 Introduction and ice breaking
9.10-9.25 Briefing on the dos and don't in the garden (participant are expected to follow instruction as there are thousands of honey bees in the garden that has sting)
9.25- 9.30 Getting ready to visit the garden (Please come with long sleeve shirt and pants, a cap and covered toes shoes)9\
9.30-9.50 Guided garden tour and visiting the different systems in the garden and learn how they are interdepending on one another.
9.50-10.10 Free and easy for photo taking, not picking of fruits and plants in the garden. I will forage some edible for tasting.
10.10-10.20 tasting of produce from the garden and some honey drinks.
10.20-25 Q and A and for the not workshop participants to leave.

The workshop is from 10.30 till 12.30pm
10.30-10.40 get everyone to settle down
1040-1100 sharing of the different beekeeping method used by different beekeeper and how it might affect the quality of the honey
11.-11.20 visiting the beehive in the garden and demonstration on how to handle beehive and observe the inside of the beehive learn where the honey is stored in the beehive.
11.20-12.00 honey tasting, where you will get to taste honey from the oversea beekeepers as well as honey produced by our local honey bees.
12.00-12.20 Q and A
12.20- 12.30 wrap up and go home

For participant only wanted the garden tour please select the garden tour. For those how would like to attend both the tour and the workshop only need to enroll for the workshop session.
The total participant should not be more than 40. I will close the peatix once the number has reached.

Hope to see you soon.

Please include your contact number and email in case I need to contact you. For any further question please email to Nutrinests@gamil.com

Sat Mar 30, 2019
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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30 Durban Road
Bee garden visit adult 9 to 10.30 am SOLD OUT $15.00
Bee garden visit Children 9 to 10.30am SOLD OUT $10.00
Bee garden Workshop adult 9 to 12.30 pm SOLD OUT $50.00
Bee garden Workshop Children 9 to 12.30pm SOLD OUT $35.00
Venue Address
30 Durban Rd, Singapore 759642 Singapore
Eco Bee Garden Event

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